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There square measure 3 ways to seem at smartphone application development. One is from the point of view of a developer, which entails figuring out what the consumer desires and what platform(s) square measure suited for it. the other two views square measure to seem at it from the point of view of a business and as a customer.

Looking on it as a business, there square measure multiple issues. For starters, there is the question of what device(s) the business desires to develop associate app for. the best factor to try to to is develop apps for all the major platforms that customers square measure likely to use.

This means developing apps for android enabled phones, along with another one for iOS which can be used on Apple devices like the iPhone, iPad and iPod. If resources permit, also develop apps for the Blackberry OS, Nokia's Symbian and Microsoft's Windows Mobile or Phone 7. no doubt it will not be simple to supply of these apps which would ought to be built severally, but offer as many as possible in order to succeed in more customers.

Looking on it as a sensible phone user, the most things that need to be unbroken in mind is that associate app must be free (or cheap), simple to use and useful. the sole means associate app becomes a success is by word of mouth, and it is important to create an honest first impression. thus at least as associate introductory offer, build the app affordable and more useful than the corporate web site.

The developer must take all of the above into thought once getting started with smartphone application development for a consumer. Then comes the technical part, which is to translate the client's desires into a practical app. each of the said platforms has its own ways and tools that square measure used for developing applications.

For example, android apps square measure written in Java and Eclipse is the IDE (environment). The OS may be a multi-user Linux-based open supply project, which treats each app as a definite user and allows it run in its own virtual machine. All it must start is to download each the android SDK associated Eclipse with an ADT plugin.

Developing iOS apps for Apple devices, on the other hand, may be a bit more formal. The developer has to be registered as associate iOS developer, and might then download and build the apps using the tools within the iOS SDK. On the and aspect, it is easier to make with the drag-drop Interface Builder. it is also easier to distribute and legitimate the finished app via the App Store, which may be a lot more common than most different similar marketplaces.

Similarly, developing Windows mobile or Phone 7 apps is also quite simple, if the developer is at home with web programming languages place out by Microsoft. These apps square measure developed using visual studio in an exceedingly web atmosphere, and also the graphical user interface makes it very simple to use pre-built blocks of code to add practicality.

Blackberry straddles the line, and apps may be developed using either Java or an online atmosphere. In summary, what it comes down to is that most customers square measure using android, iOS or Blackberry, and that they wish apps that square measure useful and free or cheap. thus each businesses and developers got to focus smartphone application development resources around these 3, and then look at different platforms